1. Pilot Case Airliner

    Pilot Case Airliner

    This elegant and gracefully designed pilot case AIRLINER is made of strong recycled nylon fibre. The result is a light weight flexibility, paired with a high load-carrying capacity.It was redesigned in cooperation with professionals and its new...

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  2. Weekend


    This bag is a marvellous example for the cooperation with our already-existing “PILOTPOOL”.
    The WEEKEND was specifically designed for pilots and their requirements. You will be amazed by the diversity of this bag.

    The bag is made of strong...

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  3. Crosscountry


    The bag is made of high-quality lightweight nylon fibre, is fully padded and has a removable reinforced bottom. The main compartment can be divided up in various ways to suit your needs.
    To prevent the bag from getting dirty, small supports are...

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  4. Daily


    The well designed and universally utilizable bag with its many pockets can be used on a daily basis. The bag is made of strong and water-resistant Nylon and has an all-around padding. A strong shoulder strap with metal buckles is also included....

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  5. Headset Bag

    Headset Bag

    Due to the increasingly higher quality of headsets we have developed a bag that provides even more security for your headset.
    This well-padded bag is made of durable nylon and is fitted with a sturdy protective frame. Shocks can be absorbed...

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  6. Pilot Backpack

    Pilot Backpack

    This elegant and sturdy backpack is made of strong durable nylon, is fully padded and was designed to protect even high-quality products.
    To prevent the bag from getting dirty, there are small adjustable setting feet on the underside.
    There is a...

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  7. Pilot EFB

    Pilot EFB

    Since electronic devices such as tablets and smart phones have become indispensable in the world of aviation, we have customized our pilot case the PILOT EFB as the new “Electronic Flight Bag” precisely to fulfill these requirements.

    With its...

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