1. Pilot Backpack

    Pilot Backpack

    This elegant and sturdy backpack is made of strong durable nylon, is fully padded and was designed to protect even high-quality products.

    To prevent the bag from getting dirty, there are small adjustable setting feet on the underside.


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  2. Pilot Finger Pulse Oximeter

    Pilot Finger Pulse Oximeter

    This Finger Pulse Oximeter was specifically designed according to the pilot’s requirements.

    As every person’s body is different, it is therefore important that during flights above 8.000 ft the pilot’s blood oxygen saturation level is measured,...

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  3. Pilot Licence EASA

    Pilot Licence EASA

    This elegant licence cover is made of high quality eco-friendly leather with a silver metal wing on the front.

    Inside there are six plastic pockets for pilot licence, medical etc.

    Three further pockets for credit cards, one for a business...

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